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their mouths and stood speechlessly waiting for
her to speak.

When she ran Into one of our minor-chiefs, she
said with a quivering tongue:

'All are gone In Red Dog's camp—killed!1

'Hanh-h-h-h-h-kF exclaimed our women.

'Hie-yah-h-h-h-h-h-k!' A long yelping war-
cry from deep down In the chests of our braves,
went sounding through the camp like a bugle-

We all bent fast steps toward the camp of Red
Dog, who with his family of seven, had pitched
his teepees down near the mouth of the valley, a
little removed from the main camp.

When we arrived there we found five persons,
dead. There was no blood, there were no
wounds on their bodies, but their throats were
blue and swollen. They had been quietly choked
to death in their sleep—one by one.

We scurried through the snow, looking for two
others, but we could find no sign of them. They
were two of Red Dog's daughters, aged about
seventeen or eighteen. Hours of search availed
no clue as to their whereabouts.

Finally the chief gave orders to strike camp and
take up the trail of the mysterious snow-shoes
which had been followed for some distance by our
scouts. The chief told the old people and the
women and children to follow In the rear and take